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Property & Casualty

Our name and practice embodies risk management. Even the most effective risk management process does not completely


Captive Services

Captives are special purpose entities which allow businesses to better control their total cost of risk. When


Workers’ Compensation

Our committed, persistent approach to risk services is what sets us apart from our competition. In this


Employee Benefits

Your goal is to attract and retain the brightest talent and develop the most dynamic company culture.


Our Culture

Our mission at Orion is to create a premier insurance organization that thrives by attracting highly talented individuals and nurtures them to innovate, advocate and solve the contemporary problems that face businesses today.

Orion and its employees operate on principles of integrity, innovation, diligence, collaboration, and client advocacy. Two of the driving factors at Orion are teamwork and respect. We operate in a team environment, whether it is for a specific producer, a certain division, or the company as a whole. More importantly, our goal is to treat everyone as a valued member of the team.

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