Workers’ Compensation

In this current environment of rate increase, NOW is the time to manage the factors that drive your worker’s compensation costs: Pre-Employment Hiring Process, Hazard Avoidance, Employee Training, Return-to-Work Programs, andPre and Post Claims Management. Orion has a proven ability to manage the details of your Worker’s Compensation Program to yield the lowest net cost.

Before a Claim Occurs, You Need “Loss Prevention”

  • Make good hiring decisions, including WC background checks, prior employee verification, drug screening and more.
  • Implement training and inspection schedules to mitigate the risk of loss and regulatory fines.
  • Conduct regular safety compliance inspections.
  • Develop safety incentive programs to prevent claims.

After a Claim Occurs, You Need “Claims Management”

  • We have full-time claims management in-house.
  • We provide on-going claims management for your current and previous lost-time injuries that affect your Experience Modification.
  • We conduct claims evaluation PRIOR to your Unit-Statistical filing that determines your Experience Modification.
  • We facilitate face-to-face meetings with your carriers and injured workers, as appropriate.