Specialty Programs

Orion Construction Insurance

The construction industry is subject to significant risks that can cripple a company if not managed or dealt with properly. Orion specializes in risk management and insurance programs designed exclusively for the construction industry; we will help you protect your company to the fullest extent possible.

General Liability (GL)

GL policies contain broad exclusions that are designed to benefit the insurance company. Since coverage is expensive, it’s critical that the coverage you purchase be as broad as possible for the premium you are paying. Orion utilizes its strength and expertise to negotiate more favorable terms than the standard, off-the-shelf insurance policies. Shouldn’t you get more for your money by using Orion?

What are the significant limitations of your insurance policies?

  • Can you add back coverage to “seal the holes”?
  • Do you have pollution clean-up? To what extent?
  • Does your policy contain an exclusion for Insured Vs. Insured actions?
  • Are you being asked to insure the performance of your product or service? This would not typically be covered by insurance and thus you might want to amend your contract or your insurance policy.

Risk Management

Contractual analysis is an important cornerstone of any Risk Management Program. Too often we find that companies are not aware of liabilities they have assumed by contract and fail to meet their contractual obligations. We believe that through contractual analysis, Orion can help you identify opportunities to transfer liability to others via contracts. Why not turn the tables in your favor?

Do the contracts you sign comply with current laws?

  • Have you been asked to assume the sole negligence of another party?
  • Are you asked to insure parties not involved with the transaction?

Are you in compliance with the lease of your premises?

  • We read the fine print and identify areas where you may need to amend the lease or your insurance contract, to protect your company.
  • Are there unreasonable requests that can be negotiated out of your lease?

Let Orion scrutinize your insurance and other contracts that directly affect your business, to identify potential sources of loss, and help you create a plan for improvement.

Captive Insurance

Orion has a unique skill set that enables larger contractors an opportunity to write their own policies, including coverage for mold, subsidence, condo construction, and other items which otherwise are not insurable today. Ask us if this is an opportunity that is right for your company.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

As premiums are trending up, it is more important than ever to have the best partner to help you control your claims and negotiate your insurance costs. For select companies, Orion has its own proprietary WC insurance program, which many times, offers premiums that are the lowest in the market. Our program offers an opportunity for you to participate in underwriting profits and investment income.