Orion invests tremendous effort into understanding your business’ unique challenges, exposures and goals. We then design and implement a custom tailored strategy where we manage your financial and service needs as though they are our own.


  • We study your business objectives and goals. We scrutinize your current insurance contracts and identify areas for improvement. Essentially, we look for every way possible to maximize cost effectiveness and improve coverage.


  • Next, Orion’s technical experts innovate a customized program design for your exact needs. A specific plan might include enhanced support services, technology solutions, or even creating a privately held insurance company.


  • There are three crucial parts to building a successful plan. First, is market due diligence. Second, is a plan design and funding strategy that matches your goals. Third, we implement all required programs, support and compliance services and systems.


  • We are committed to your long-term success. We help keep every detail, program and service running smoothly so you can focus your efforts on building your business.


  • As your business grows, your needs will change. We monitor changes in your business and reevaluate the strategy on a regular basis in order to make proactive recommendations for ongoing improvements.